Our Mission Statement

Educate, Advocate, Articulate

In the mid-1970’s, the dominant financial communities of the world adopted the theory of Monetarism, which holds that the money supply is the main determinant of economic activity.

Monetarism legitimated a return to a laissez-faire approach to economic policy in which economic outcomes are left to be determined by the free play of market forces, and free trade to ensure competition.

Although now discredited, Monetarism contributed significantly to a paradigm shift in the locus of political power away from democratic (public) exercise and open debate toward corporate (private) closed control.
This shift is reflected in the structure of FTAs, the misuse of nation-state central banks, and the privatization of information through media concentration.

As a result of these events, a global civil war has gradually evolved. This war is one of public compassion vs. private greed (fully articulated in CAP’s video “Economic Fundamentalism vs. A Full Employment Strategy”.)

This war is civil because it is a battle by the majority of the world’s citizens (the poor, homeless, women, the ill, the elderly, the working class and medium-income citizens) against their own governments who have betrayed them by shifting their allegiance from the public to the private sector.

It is CAP’s mission to educate, advocate, and articulate these wrongs. Click here for more.

Our Most Urgent Priorities:

  • Abrogate NAFTA. NAFTA needs to be replaced by a fair trade agreement that reflects the interests of Canadian citizens, rather than those of international corporations.
  • Use the Bank Of Canada to build hospitals, schools, roads, waterworks, and other essential services, using low-cost financing from our own Bank of Canada.
  • Preserve Democracy. Replacing NAFTA and using the Bank of Canada intelligently will help Canada remain a sovereign and democratic nation, rather than one controlled by big business, big money and global financial organizations.