Our Constitution

The Canadian Action Party is, above all, a pro-Canadian party dedicated to the principle that Canada can best serve its citizens and the world by re-claiming and maintaining its political and economic sovereignty as an independent country. It is opposed to the ascendancy of “corporate rule” and those aspects of unrestricted global investment that promote colonization of the world’s smaller powers and in Canada’s case its absorption by the United States of America.

In this context the Canadian Action Party is committed to the view that human dignity is the underlying principle of a democratic society and that the purpose of political organization is to guarantee equal opportunity in order to give full expression to that dignity.

In accordance with this philosophy, the Canadian Action Party subscribes to the fundamental rights and freedoms of all persons and equality under the law and commits itself to the protection of these essential values and their constant adaptation to the needs of a modern society.

The Canadian Action Party recognizes that human dignity, and a democratic system requires that all citizens have access to full information regarding the policies and leadership of the state; and that such information should not be unreasonably denied. Citizens should be provided full opportunity to participate in open and public assessment of public policies and their impact as they deem desirable to promote the political, economic, social, cultural and general well-being of Canadians.